Mostaza: From Garden to Table with chef Tiago Aceituno

This Cancun downtown restaurant is a hidden jewel, located inside a house where only a large letter M inscribed on the wall next to a wooden door lets you guess where Mostaza restaurant is located in this residential area.

David Amar

07 Mar 2018

Here are the highlights you need to know:

Mostaza has a modern look and a nice atmosphere: the white color dominates the walls, which are dressed with artisanal carpets.  The place is  cool and intimate, as if you were in the chef’s dining room, invited by your personal chef to share a gourmet experience with friends, using everyday ingredients from his own garden.

The young and talented chef, Tiago Aceituno, was born in Michoacán and came to Cancún about ten years ago, when he decided to open Mostaza, a kitchen based on fresh ingredients from his garden and local markets, changing his menu every two months!

I recommend to order the tasting menu: it is wonderful and a great value for six chef signature courses and the quality of the ingredients (around $700 Mexican pesos or 35$us).

Tiago Aceituno

Dishes you can’t miss:

Salad of strawberries, avocado, asparagus, guacamole, cheese and hoja santa, a delight of flavors and fresh textures that are perfectly balanced. 

Ravioli stuffed with jicama and shrimp ceviche, bathed in beet and herbs from the garden, a delicious and fresh appetizer setting your palate for the main dishes.

Picaña beef carpaccio (cooked for 48 hours), with paprika, epazote, basil and olive oil: wide range of very tasty and colorful ingredients.

The winner of the night: Seared tuna crusted with pasilla chilli and nicely presented avocado and chipotle sauces. The meat is soft and crunchy at the same time, enriched with creamy mexican sauces cooked using french cooking technique. Definitely a lovely dish and presentation! 

Pork belly (cooked for 8 hours) with meat sauce, tamarind and mashed potatoes. This is the "signature dish" of chef Tiago and Mostaza, showing the essence of mexican cuisine with a modern touch. Apparently the most ordered and satisfying dish. 

Another winner of this great tasting menu was the dessert, placing a crème brûlée next to a "sablé" cookie with foie gras mousse: flavors and textures for foodies discovering a gourmet paradise. 

Last but not least...

Tiago Aceituno earned much of his pastry experience with star chefs Daniele Muller, Rafael Zafra and Jesús Escalera, and you must ALWAYS asking for the desserts, even if only "a la carte" .

Simple but good service, a limited wine list for my taste, but the kitchen is truly the highlight at Mostaza, with the added bonus of the chef presenting you each dish.

Don't miss Mostaza, a wonderful tasting menu at a great value prices, in a simple yet pleasant and private environment!


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