Mezzanine Restaurant, a Thai delight in Tulum

One of the earliest Tulum’s restaurant, Mezzanine is a nine rooms Boutique-Hotel with excellent food and spirits, overlooking a spectacular beach.

David Amar

24 May 2018

Here are the highlights you need to know about Mezzanine Restaurant:

Led since 2008 by the Thai Chef Dim Geefay, cooking teacher, and TV personality, the restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine using Mexican ingredients such as chilis, chaya, freshly squeezed coconut milk and herbs from its own garden. Brought some eighteen months ago from Thailand, resident Chef Garn Surasak follows the commitment to authentic Thai cuisine, fresh ingredients, flawless techniques and meticulous presentations.


You will find a very complete spirits list, with daily 2-for-1 drinks, to help ease you into the Tulum paradise…


I was received by Laura Avila, the hotel General Manager since 2004, and by the resident Thai chef Surasak whom I wish to thank for their stories about the hotel and restaurant evolution.


Dishes you can’t miss:

The extensive menu offers eight appetizers, my favorite being the “crispy money bags”, wonton wraps with shrimp, jicama, coriander and ginger soy dipping sauce, succulent inside and crispy outside.


My favorite salads are the Thai Green shrimp with noodles, mango, red peppers, jicama, coconut, cashews and more; and the Spinach and Jicama salad with cranberries, oranges, grapefruit, goat cheese, sesame seeds and paprika.


Soups and curries can be customized to your taste with either chicken, beef, shrimp or fish, and your preferred level of spiciness. I opted for the chef’s suggested chicken curry which was truly a delight.


The highlight of the noodles/rice meals is a wok-toasted rice noodles pad thai named the Khao Phad spicy fried rice; and marinated slices of beef and broccoli in oyster sauce.


I ordered the Thai whole fish with tamarindo, perfectly crispy outside and lightly steamed inside, accompanied by a mango salad. I highly recommend this combination.

For those who like the American or Mexican food better, they serve guacamole, burgers, shrimp ceviche or tacos, bagels, quesadillas or even fish and chips.

Prices are moderate given the quality and authenticity of the Thai cuisine and its fresh ingredients.


Last but not least…

For authentic Thai Food Mezzanine Restaurant is incomparable, in addition to an extensive spirits menu, casual ambiance, great service and spectacular setting, and moderate prices. This fun Boutique-Hotel has many regular international guests and is my favorite Thai restaurant in the Playa/Tulum corridor.


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