LA ZEBRA Restaurant, Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Tulum

La Zebra restaurant in Tulum is a casual yet chic oceanfront venue with comfortable rooms, nice amenities, top service, and a unique Beach Bar offering customized drinks.

David Amar

24 May 2018

Today, I am reviewing La Zebra Restaurant in Tulum which has a vibrant feeling, visually pleasing wooden hand painted tables, a wide-open space with a view to the ocean, all under an authentic Mexican Palapa.

I was there with two top Mexican chefs, Martha Ortiz and Alex Cuatepotzo, whom I invited to cook with Michelin Star chef Dominique Crenn, during the Exquisite Culinary series organized by Wine & Food festival in Tulum.

The food

We first tried a natural Tlayuda, an iconic street snack from Oaxaca, a sort of a large, thin and crispy flatbread, baked on a comal or wood grill, and a large variety of delicious ingredients to prepare our palate for the meal. The crispiness of the Tlayuda combined with the richness of the ingredients made this a must try.

Honoring our visiting chefs, we were sent no less than 5 main dishes, which we shared gratefully:

  1.       Crujiente de arroz con atún (crispy rice with tuna)
  2.       Ceviche negro
  3.       Pork cheek with mole “recado negro”
  4.       Fish in chilaca sauce
  5.       Octopus with a café aioli

My favorites were the crispy rice with tuna, and the octopus and its perfect aioli. The entire menu was a series of modern Mexican dishes with delicious tastes and textures. Surprisingly, none of the dishes was spicy. We appreciated the fresh ingredients and the beautiful presentations.

In the end, two desserts ended this very satisfying meal: churros with tortilla ice-cream and a chocolate sphere with a crumble. Both delicious even though my favorite was the latter.

Prices are moderate, ambiance is lively, service is superior and food outstanding.  La Zebra is a favorite for locals and tourists for its exquisite Mexican menu. It is a must when visiting Tulum.

For passionate foodies ready for an exceptional and private dining experience, I recommend ordering the restaurant’s “Chef’s Table”, a gastronomy dinner including 8 exquisite dishes, each presented personally by chef Eleazar Bonilla and paired with wines and spirits for a fixed Price of 160$US plus service.




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