BENAZUZA: Fine Dining meets entertainment in Cancún

David Amar is sharing his 25 courses with pairing experience in one of the best value fine dining and entertaining restaurant in Cancun.

David Amar

08 Mar 2018

As the founder and CEO of Wine & Food festivals in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Mexico City, I am proud to have invited many of the world’s top ranked chefs. However, what also inspires me is to share my discovery of rising star chefs. Today it is my pleasure to present restaurant Benazuza by chef Ignacio del Rio, accompanied by Quebec pastry chef Tommy Fitzback and sous chef Milagros Berten, which delivered a once-in-a-lifetime surprising, delightful and entertaining fine dining experience.

Here are the highlights you need to know:

The first surprise arises when you enter the hotel: right in the vast central lobby, an impressive pyramidal structure radiates through spectacular lighting, with an acrobatic performance in its center, as if Cirque du Soleil would have met Las Vegas.

The scenery is elegant and spacious. The contemporary dining room has very comfortable seating with nice chandelier illumination.

Benazuza Entrada


Dishes you can’t miss:

Impressive drinks: the discovery initiates with half a dozen mixology offering flavors and textures like you possibly never tasted before. It included the heart of a rose, a molecular based mojito, margarita, soft gin, piña colada and chocolate. These creative, imaginative and surprising concoctions were a delight for the eyes and the palate.

Unique tasting menu: we were invited at the chef’s own table in an intimate setting. First were served some snacks, each beautifully plated and highlighting different ingredients such as some mouth melting crunchy yet soft in the center curried rice balls, savory peanuts and pistachio, false oysters, and smoked meringue palette. The textures and savors elicited delighted smiles and pleasurable comments. The plates amazed us one after the other. Some of our guests were vegetarian or gluten free and the chef accommodated their needs adapting the menu for them, all night.

Incomparable dessert

The most extraordinary and visually entertaining dessert ever experienced in a restaurant.

As we were exchanging our opinions on this amazing Fine Dining experience, the chef, his pastry chef and one sous-chef arrived armed with a cart full of ice cream, nuts, melted chocolate, fruits and more delicious ingredients. The chefs started sprinkling them over a rubber textured blanket just put over the table, as if painting with their fingers. This artistic food painting was the icing on the cake, a wonderful entertaining and gourmet experience worth the entire trip to Benazuza.

Last but not least...

Benazuza’s creative cuisine, its modern fine dining ambiance, the excellent level of service and value pricing make it one of my very favorites in Cancún or anywhere across Mexico. A must for Foodies and to pamper their loved ones!


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